How to build your own fishing noodle for catfish.

What you need to get started and build noodles just like we do

  • Foam pool noodle (walmart, target, kmart, etc.)
  • 3/4 inch PVC pipe (home depot, lowes, local plumbing supply store, etc.)
  • 3/4 inch PVC pipe cap (home depot, lowes, local plumbing supply store, etc.)
  • Tape measure
  • Red reflective tape
  • Marker – pen, pencil, sharpie
  • PVC glue
  • Electric drill
  • 5/16 drill bit
  • Hook screws
  • Circle hooks
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Various size egg weights
  • 20 lb test line

We start with a 10 foot section of 3/4″ PVC pipe and mark off 5 sections of 22″ with one small section left.  We like to make ours long enough to target all size catfish.  Making them too small you will not be able to get the big ones and too big will not do good with the little ones.

Next is to mark off 15″ section on your pool noodle.

Cut booth so that you now have 6 sections of PVC pipe and foam noodle.

Assemble as shown

Drill 5/16 hole in 6 3/4″ PVC end caps and then insert screw eye as shown.

Put glue on end cap and screw onto one end of PVC then put glue on the end cap with screw eye and screw onto PVC.

Finally put the reflective tape on the end cap without the screw eye.

Pictures to come!